1. New song featuring Jesse D on Acoustic guitar. Laid back summer vibe, varying flows and a catchy hook. Check it out on my Facebook page or https//:soundcloud.com/a-rodge

    Thanks for listening!

    #hiphop #ARodge #SLC


  2. #tbt to being a ticket scanner at PCMR. Stoked to skated there this season!


  3. #Simba


  4. #TBT to hiking through the woods in Washington with good friends. One of my all time favorite hikes so far in life.


  5. #TBT to playin the Arts Fest with Colton who I’m flying out to see TONIGHT!!! 🙌😄


  6. Happy #NationalDogDay to my best bud Kuzco! @claing23 and I got this dog 4 months ago and it was one if the best decisions ever. I love this dog so much!


  7. This is my absolute favorite thing to do. I’m so stoked I’ve been playing so many shows lately. Last summer I struggled to play once every few months. Many thanks to everyone who comes out! #utah #hiphop #SLC #ARodge


  8. Had a great time sharing my music tonight! Thank you so much to everyone who came out! #ShredShed


  9. Setting up for the show at #shredshed come by at 8:30!


  10. Hey friends! I have an all ages show Thursday at the Shred Shed in the heart of downtown. Hit me up and I’ll give you a ride!


  11. #tbt to boppin and cookin for the crowd before #RadicalSomething took the stage in #SLC @weareradical


  12. Nice hike yesterday with Colton in Millcreek! Had a solid crew of 6 humans and 2 dogs. Wonderful day!


  13. Been playin a lot of shows lately and I’m lovin it. Thank you to everyone who comes out to listen and watch me do my favorite thing in the world! #hiphop #slc #utah #arodge


  14. Had so much fun performing at the Arts Fest! I got to play with my lifelong friend, best friend, and girlfriend! It sound cliche, but I never feel more alive than when I’m performing. I love this and I love you! Thanks everyone so much for helping me make this happen. #hiphop #utah #kimballartsfest #parkcity


  15. This was my first show outside Salt Lake City. So fun performing for a room full of strangers. My second one will be this Saturday at Park City Arts Fest! #ARodge #HipHop #SLC