1. This was my first show outside Salt Lake City. So fun performing for a room full of strangers. My second one will be this Saturday at Park City Arts Fest! #ARodge #HipHop #SLC


  2. Come to The Hotel for a drink and watch me and some pals rock the mic after the twilight Concert tonight! Say my name at the door and get free entry. #TwilightConcert #slc


  3. Cheesin. I’m so glad I found a passion for music, it has improved my life an unexplainable amount. Do what you love! #SLC #HipHop #ARodge


  4. Hiked Alexander Basin up to some snow with Kuzco today! I live in a truly beautiful land!


  5. I have a 21+ show tonight at canyon Inn! Only $5 and cheap drinks. Come party with me! #slc #saltlakecity #canyoninn


  6. #tbt to hiking neffs canyon with @claing23 and Kuzco!


  7. Post work fetch with my main man!


  8. Not a bad backdrop for some play time! #catahoula


  9. Headin home! Can’t wait to see this cutie. #catahoula


  10. Some serious putt putt in Sun River. Cooking, World Cup, 2 hour river float, putt putt and bumper cars. Great last day of vacation!


  11. Successfully cooked 10 lbs of ribs tonight for the fam and it was goooood!


  12. Beautiful 30 mile bike ride today with wonderful people. White water rafting tomorrow. I’m lovin this vacation!


  13. My cousin is a clean eater…


  14. Cool cat cousins 😎😸 @jasoninroomg11


  15. Cookin breakfast for the fam… And for America. @claing23 having a great vacay!